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Technical Training


Technical Training

Training at JHL Technologies is designed to fit your needs, your schedule, and your learning goals regardless of the geographical location of your employees. Our systematic approach to teaching ensures a successful learning experience thereby letting you meet those crucial deadlines.

Our Approach to Training

We use a building block approach to our training, thereby maximizing the learning experience for our participants.

With over 120 courses, we provide a diversified list of technical workshops ranging from 1 day "minds-on" to multi-day "instructor-led, hands-on" sessions and live on-line.

When time is limited, our Mentrain™ solution may be your answer. Mentrain™ is a combination of mentoring and project specific training. This approach eliminates time away from the office, uses focused training and guidance for rapid development. This way, you meet your deadlines on time every time.

Training Delivery

  • Hands-On, Instructor Led
  • On-Site
  • Off-Site
  • Minds-on Seminar Based
  • Single-Day, Multi-Day, Staggered Multi-Week
  • Live On-Line

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