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About Us

About Us

Our mission is to exceed our customers' expectations by providing them with superior technical training and mentoring, consulting services, and development. Through this, our customers can dramatically improve their design, development, and deployment of quality applications and products.

JHL Technologies, Inc. is in its twenty third year of business. Our roots are in education, training, development, and technical mentoring. JHL was established out of a growing demand to provide advanced technical training to our corporate clients. Gradually, JHL broadened its scope of services and its client base to what it is today - advanced customized technical training; courseware, software, and embedded development; technical mentoring, multimedia, and marketing services to multinational companies, universities, and small businesses.

JHL brings numerous strengths to its customer's. Apart from its technical acumen and with over 25 years experience, JHL remains current, and on the "bleeding edge" of our industry. New technologies are rigorously scrutinized to ensure that they are sound solutions before incorporating them into our business. JHL began training and developing in Java in late 1995, Linux in 1992 and XML in 1998 to name a few. As such, JHL was one of the first companies to offer training and development in these areas. Today our technical reach extends to Wireless communications, The Intelligent Home, VoIP, and Embedded development as is reflected in our growing list of services in these technologies.

We are committed to our customers and our partners. Our aim is to build long-term relationships. To do this, we recognize the need to provide more than just the best in the services we provide. We also work hard to establish relationships that are mutually beneficial, to build confidence, and to ensure your requirements are continually met. We work in partnership with you to develop a deep understanding of the needs of your business and the challenges facing you. We use this understanding and combine it with our own technical knowledge and broad based experience to deliver the solutions that you seek.

JHL serves the United States, Europe, and Latin America. Services are offered in English and Spanish.

Phone:  772 217 3261


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